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DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager

The DoseEdge System automates the process of routing, preparing, inspecting, tracking and reporting on IV and oral liquid doses―providing transparency, visibility and documentation for the entire dose preparation and dispensing process.

The DoseEdge System was designed to:

  • Promote Safety
    • Barcode-enabled ingredient verification confirms correct drug selection
    • Detailed preparation instructions facilitate standardized compounding processes
    • Automatic dose and dilution calculations minimize the need for manual calculations
  • Reduce Waste
    • Barcode-enabled ingredient verification may minimize drug waste
    • Discontinued Dose function removes unneeded doses from the preparation queue
    • Reuse Dose function allows unexpired returned doses to be reused for other orders
    • ScanEvent tracking can help trace lost or missing doses
  • Enhance Productivity
    • Automated dose label capture, sorting and routing allows staff to concentrate on other required tasks
    • Calculation and documentation of dose expiration time and date supports some State Board requirements
    • Remote pharmacist inspection permits pharmacists to concentrate on clinical activities
    • ScanEvent tracking provides continuous visibility to the status and location of doses