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VITAL-HOLD Catheter Stabilization Device

CLEARLINK Luer Activated Valve, ONE-LINK Needle-free IV Connector, V-LINK Luer Activated Device and VITAL-HOLD Catheter Stabilization Device are Rx Only.

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VITAL-HOLD Catheter Stabilization Device

  • Catheter stabilization devices are recognized to "decrease risk for phlebitis, catheter migration and dislodgement..." in the 2011 CDC Guidelines for the Prevention of Intravascular Catheter-Related Infections1
  • Helps reduce the potential for risk of accidental needlesticks and associated complications2
  • Offering four catheter stabilization devices designed specifically for Foley, PICC and CVC applications
  • Vital-Hold Catheter Stabilization Device is designed to secure catheters, tubing, and lines.
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